Blue Tape 1
Blue tape
Japanese name青いテープ 一
Romaji name
Item typeTape
Description"An audio tape with a blue label. Looks like it's half-used."
An audio tape with a blue label. Got it from on top of the well.
LocationBackyard, on the rim of the well.
VariantsBlue Tape, Blue Tape 2
AppearancesFatal Frame

Blue Tape 1 is a tape found in the Backyard in Fatal Frame. It belongs to Junsei Takamine.


"September 12th - 3:20 PM:

I know this sounds crazy, but there's something here besides us in this mansion. I've seen it myself, it was a woman in a white kimono. Something is definitely happening here. Have we unknowningly awakened something? Or perhaps we've been lured here to die?"

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