Blinding Ritual
Blinding Ritual
Japanese name目隠し鬼の儀式
Romaji namemeka kushi oni no gi shiki
Other namesN/A
Location(s)Himuro Mansion
ParticipantsBlinded Maidens, Himuro Family Master, Himura Family Priests
Frequency10 years
PurposeTo weaken the spirits of the Hell Gate
GameFatal Frame

The Blinding Ritual is a ritual performed before the Demon Tag Ritual in the Himuro Mansion. They used the Blinding Mask to create the Blinded Maiden or the 'oni' (demon). They used the blood of the maiden's eyes to weaken the spirits of the Hell Gate. The maiden or the demon's duty is to choose in the Demon Tag Ritual the next Rope Shrine Maiden and Blinded Maiden to perform their respective rituals 10 years later.



A child is chosen to become the next Blinded Maiden via the Demon Tag Ritual. Of a group of girls playing the game, the first to become caught by the previous Blinded Maiden is chosen to become the next Blinded Maiden.

The RitualEdit

Prior to the next Demon Tag Ritual (November 26) and Strangling Ritual (December 13), on an appointed date, the selected new maiden is taken to the Blinding Room. She is then presented to the Ceremony Master who is wearing the Mask of Reflection, then she is held by two priests and forced to kneel in front of him. The Ceremony Master then takes out the Blinding Mask from its storage location before forcing the mask down upon the maiden's face.

The mask is then taken and inserted like a key for the doorway located in the Demon Mouth that opens a path that the Himuro Family took to enter the Rope Altar. The maiden's blood is said to 'blind' the spirits/demons beyond the Hell Gate and weaken them in preparation for the Strangling Ritual.


The Blinded Maiden proceeds to fulfill her duty as the "oni" of the next Demon Tag Ritual as well as playing a part in the selection of the next Rope Shrine Maiden and the next Blind Demon.

Maidens who Participated in the RitualEdit

  • Blinded (The last known maiden to undergo the ritual)
  • Other women that partook in the ritual before Blinded (unnamed)

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