Blinding Mask
Blinding mask
Japanese name
Romaji name
Item typeMask/Key Item
DescriptionLooks like an eye mask. Huge stakes pierce through the eyes.
LocationBlinding Room
AppearancesFatal Frame

The Blinding Mask is a key item found in the Blinding Room in Fatal Frame.


The Blinding Mask was used in the Blinding Ritual. It had two stakes through the eye holes, designed to pierce the eyes of the wearer and blind them.

The maiden on which the ceremony was to be performed was chosen by a game of Demon Tag.

Approximately 10 years later, the maiden to participate in the ceremony was led to the Blinding Room. She was then restrained by two priests who held her eyes open. The mask was then pushed into the maiden's eyes by the Ceremony Master.


Blinding Room - 2nd Night

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