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Black Notebook Scrap - Novelist Takamine's Notes 2
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Author/OwnerJunsei Takamine
AppearancesFatal Frame

The Black Notebook Scrap - Novelist Takamine's Notes 2 is a notebook in Fatal Frame. There are six scraps of black notebook found in the game.


September 13th, 9:30am
We found Ogata's body. His head, hands and feet were strangled off... What happened to him is just like the strange deaths that occurred here long ago.

There was a photo of Ogata near him. In it, there was something that looked like ropes on his neck, arms and legs.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the Rope Shrine Maidens in the legends around here, the girls that had ropes tied to their neck, arms and legs, too...?

September 13th, 12:10pm
Tomoe is acting strangely. She's been mumbling nonsense all morning. Something about ropes... And mirrors... I can't blame her for going to pieces, though, after seeing what happened to Ogata.

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