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The 2nd Night: Demon Tag is the third chapter in Fatal Frame.

After seeing the rope marks on her wrists, Miku notices the ghost of a young boy steal the Holy Mirror shard she'd recovered before. She manages to recover it, all the while fighting off the ghosts of the three children playing Demon Tag with Mikoto as well as a blind woman who has heightened auditory senses. Miku also sees the ghosts of the previous occupants of Himuro Mansion, a folklorist and his sickly wife who killed herself by hanging from the tree in the Cherry Atrium. The folklorist repeatedly alludes to a mask that opens a door Miku spotted Mafuyu walking through, and its role in the Himuro family rituals.

Miku manages to locate the mask - the same mask that was used to blind the woman - and uses it to open the door in the Demon Mouth. When Miku returns with the mask, she sees a horrific vision of the folklorist being dragged through the door by Kirie and discovers his body clutching a piece of the True Holy Mirror on the other side. There, she encounters the vengeful spirit of Kirie once again and tries to escape, but is blocked by a crowd of ghosts. Kirie catches up to Miku and touches her again, ending the second night.

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